mandag 31. oktober 2011

Third show CAC to our young girl Ella

Ella ( Caravan Cantara ila Mas'udah Itheram) was third best bitch at the show in Letohallen this weekend, she also got her third show CAC! We are so proud of our young princess. The judge was Matti Luoso, Finland. At the same show Dille (Nuch N Lcch S Lcch Caravan Bariza Badiiah Bint Bahiim) was best bitch 4th.
Our sweet princess "Ella"


New Show CAC

Tara ( Int LCCH Caravan Wathaarah) got her third show CAC last weekend. She placed as best bitch 4th under judge Steven Seymour, Australia. Congratulations to the owners Nina & Jan Erik!
Int LCCH Caravan Wathaarah

onsdag 26. oktober 2011

2 LC CAC to the Caravan salukis

What a fantastic day! Two Caravan salukis competed on the Lure Coursing field in Sjöbo, Sweden today.
Judges was Sofia Lindh and Mats Carlsson.
Caravan Afaia al'Hambra became Best Of Breed with 89,75p and CAC! Big congratulations to her owners!
Caravan Bariza Badiiah Bint Bahiim became #4 with 81,75p and CAC. This was the last CAC she needed for her campion title, so she is now both Swedish and Norwegian Lure Coursing Champion!
We are so proud!

Caravan Afaia al`Hambra
Photo: Bente Waldal

Odd & Caravan Afaia al`Hambra and Linn & Caravan Bariza Badiiah Bint Bahimm

"Dille" became NLCCH and SLCCH
Nuch N LCCH S LCCH Caravan Bariza Badiiah Bint Bahiim