onsdag 28. september 2011

Beautiful Words from the judge

Caravan Xanthia went BEST IN SHOW at the swedish saluki specialty show in Ljungbyhed may 15th. The judge was Carole Tipler, Al Yaman salukis. See the fine words Carole Tipler wrote about here winners;

My winners reflected my hearts desire for moderation, angels and straight movements coming and going and that lovely effortless movement when wiewed from the side!

And she also wrote this:

5 years, beautiful, lovely size, balanced head plains, lovely dark eyes, butterfly nose, good shoulder, nice topline, good moderate angulation, good muscle, good brisket and tuck-up, good topline, croup and tailset, good feet, moves correctly.

We are so proud of our beautiful girl!

Caravan Xanthia ( Tia)

Caravan Xanthia 6 years old

torsdag 22. september 2011

Sterling 10 years old!

Photo; M Peersen

September 18th, 2011 our smooth saluki "Sterling" (US N Sp Ch Bel s'mbran Darby Sterling Silver Rose) celebrated his 10th birthday! We went to a dog show in Gibraltar this weekend, hoping to get Sterlings last CACIB for his Intenational Champion title, it was very near; he got the res-CACIB. Here is a photo from Saturday 17th, he is handled by our friend Merethe Peersen.

After the show it was time to relax on the bed at the hotel.

Lure Coursing!

Caravan Afaia al'Hambra went to Sweden last weekend (Sept 18th, 2011) and placed as # 3 with LC CAC. It was at the International LC Trial in Kode. Congratulations!

mandag 12. september 2011

Best Male with CAC and CACIL

Caravan Barriq Barudi, "Barry" made his debute on the Lure Coursing field on Sunday. And what a debute! He became best Saluki male with 82 points at the International LC-trial in Trøgstad, Norway, and recieved both CAC and CACIL!
Judges was Geir Kristiansen (Norway) and Lars Johansen (Denmark).
Big congratulations to his owner Margareth Kvistnes.
At the same competition Caravan Afaia al`Hambra placed as # 5 of the bitches and Caravan Yas Yaman was # 5 of the males.
Photo: Mona Riberg

Photo: Eva Kristine Stav